Project Overview

We are grateful to God for your interest in helping translate, edit, and prepare Mark Cahill Ministries materials. Please read this page before you submit an application to learn more about the project.

Why We Use an Application Process
The translation of the message of the Gospel is obviously very important; thus we want to know about your qualifications to translate our materials into another language. If you want to help and don’t have the needed language skills, there may be other areas in which you can be of assistance.

Project Roles
There are several tasks or roles in a translation project. We want the content of the materials to be translated as faithfully as possible. The roles are listed below. If a particular role on a project is already filled there may be other roles or areas in which you can help us! Here are the roles we envision for this project:

Prayer Partner –Prayer Partners will join the prayer team and commit to pray for the lost of the nations, the ministry, and the team members. They will be invited to Skype prayer meetings.

Networker – The people in this role will promote the translation ministry within the target language population and help locate qualified individuals to fill the various roles in the project team.

Research Assistance – The people in this role will perform research for the project and for Mark Cahill Ministries.

Translator – This person takes the source document and puts it into the target language.

Editor – This person compares the source document with the translation. The job of the editor is to ensure that nothing is omitted, nothing is mistranslated, and that the terms are used consistently. Consistent means that if you translated “hell” one way early in the texts, you use the same term later on. The editor ensures the document is translated well and reads well. The editor should also verify that the document has been properly formatted so that the final appearance is consistent with the original booklet.

Proofreader – This is the last person who looks at the text of the translation in the target language. This person looks at the translation but not at the source document. Their job is to make sure that the document reads well, and that spelling and punctuation is accurate. The proofreader must also compare the final product with the “proofs” developed in the design process making sure that nothing has been changed.

Terminologist – If the project has multiple translators (working on different portions of the same document) we need someone in the role of terminologist. The terminologist will keep a “master table” of key words and phrases in the original document matched with the appropriate words or phrases in the target language. The table will be used to ensure consistent translation through the whole document. For example, the translators will need to consistently use the same words and phrases (and Bible translations) in the target language for things like names of religions, names of people (Moses, David) and important concepts (Ten Commandments, hell, heaven, etc.).

Language consultant – This person would assist translators and editors with questions regarding the intent or meaning of the original language. Some concepts are difficult to translate between languages or cultures and equivalents may need to be developed and approved.

If you believe you can, apply now.

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